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Hi everyone

I havent been on here in alomst a year. Its been a busy one. I had been planning a pregnancy and had my levels low for a year and a half and was just about to give up on getting pregnant when I found out I was expecting last August.

My beautiful baby girl lauren was born on 19 april and she is perfect have to say diet wasnt as bad as I thought and was fun towards the end when had loads of exchnages.

But the hospital I attended here to have baby werent that great no one knew anyone about pku and they made it quite stressful for me after baby was born a student pediatrician measured my babies head wrong and thought it was too small which can be effect of high phe levels on baby. However it was just a mistake and she is fine but was a scary time and I was paranoid for the first few weeks of her life.

But it was all so worth it she is gorgoues and my little angel. I hope to try again next year once lauren is a little older she only 4 months now so I still very busy.

Just wanted to let you all know it can be done and it is well worth it.

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