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Thank you. Congrats to your daughter and hope she is doing ok.was her phe levels ok?The dietition is probably the most important person at this stage …and from my experience do not be surprised if the dr has no idea of pku! I was in hospital when pg with my son Shea..on a drip as i had hyperemesis (vomitting for the full pregnancy)..anyway the drs would come in to do rounds and would all stand at end of the bed and openly admit that they had no idea about pku! at least i was fascinating!!

            My fantastic news is that my levels have come down…the dietition was right…i did need those extra exchanges. I have sent another sample in today so hopefully they are good too. nearly 20 weeks and already on 25 exchanges!! i am loving these grill cheese lunches!!

             kypkumom,  just let us know if you have any questions…. is your daughter classical pku? how many exchanges is she on?

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