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hi batwoman

Sounds like you are doing great 25 exchanges already thats good I was good bit further along in pregnancy before I had that many.

dont worry about one or two high levels dieticians and drs told me that it is prolonged high levels that do damage so try not to stress although I know its not easy.

Just trust in dieticians I know some of the stuff doesnt seem to make sense I thought the same but they were always right.

I know that if you havent got enough calories your body breaksdown protein and levels go up so by giving you extra exchanges they also giving you more calories so levels come down. When i first fell pregnant like from day one my exchanges went up becaaue I was hungrier and eating more so my levels were low, didnt expect that to happen so soon.

Taking it as easy as you can helps although I know that can be hard with work my job was very busy and stressful all last year and it was hard to take it as easy as I probably should have but took every opportunity when I wasnt in work to completely relax.

I called my little girl lauren she is great she is teeting at moment so had a hard night but she having a nap now so I taking bit of time to myself.

I cant wait to have another I would do it again and again if money wasnt an issue before I was so scared cos of pku I was unsure even about trying in the first place but it really isnt as bad as I thought the diet is manageable and just try not to stress too much.

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