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hi i know just what your talking about i was like that. my levels are so high at the min and sometimes i get depression and panick atacks its not nice but what i have done to try and help me is writing menus for each day of what im gonna eat and sticking to the exchanges im aloud and making sure i drink my medicine. i pin it up on the cupboard so when i get up in the morning i know what im having to day. at the min im on 12 exchanges and i found it so diffcuit to do this  at first but i have now realised that my levels is not gonna come down its self  and i think to feel better in your self you need to think really hard and plan your meals it will get better but u need to be strong and u need alot of support around u so its good your going to your gp thats a big step you can do if you want some one to talk to im here you can do it so dont put your self down :-) yours evee

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