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HI Batwoman and Claire!

I'm Nadège, I'm new on this web site, so I hope I'm writing at the right place…

I'm French (sorry for the english…), I'm Pku and I was diagnoctised at birth. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant, and I'm very happy to read your experiences with pregnancy. I'm now having problems with my phe level, it's increasing since 2 weeks and I reached 13.2! At the beggining everything was ok, I had good results, and I'm still following the same diet, so I don't now what to do now to make it decrease! I'm really scared about consequences on my baby, and doctors couldn't tell me if this level can have bad consequences on the foetus or not. I know that  phe is bad if high for a long period, but what means long period??

Thanx in advance for your response, and good luck to you batwoman 19 weeks it's great! I would like to feel already my baby moving!

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