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Hiya Claire,

                    levels perfect again thank God. Lauren is a beautiful name… D little one is teething..fist in mouth…dribbles everywhwere… i remember it well wth my son! It is so exciting when that first tooth comes through…

                   I see you are from Dublin… I am from Offaly! I now live in Belfast ( never left after doing my degree in university of ulster ). However i attend Temple street still as i think they are the best pku clinic in the world… it was dr.Murphy who told the world that it should be diet-for -life…The usa- uk etc all took their patients off diet from age 8 or so. I have to have my samples couriered down but i think its worth it….

       Nadege… BONJOUR ET CONGRATS !! It is so wonderful to be pregnant but the pku adds another dimension to it for us pku-ers! 

                    eat more of your pku free foods!! lots more!! to bring levels down when trying to get pg i started to eat our pasta at lunch-time and drink 1 or 2 high calorie drinks(coke or lucozade) a few times a day. hope they come down soon… also d dietition told me to try not to think about it too much as the stress can contribute to high levels too. BONNE CHANCE…………

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