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Hey guys… I experienced a lot of stress, anxiety, lack of concentration, etc. when I was in high school.  When I went to my clinic, I expresssed my concerns with her and was completely open to what I ate (good and bad) and the amount (or in my case lack of) formula.  Therefore, she was able to help me getting back on track.  I was going away to college – I was nervous feeling all of this – however, with the help of my dietitian, I was able to reverse these HORRIBLE symptoms and feel better.

I like what Brea said above… pin point exactly what it is you have trouble with.. If it's both diet and formula, start with working on one part.  When you feel you have control of one, then work on the other…. Make goals for yourself – realistic goals – and try to reach them… Think of this if you are playing a sport – you do not wake up good at it – you have to practice to get better…

You guys will all get there too!  Stay determined : )  If you need anything, please feel free to ask me!


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