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A cruise ! how lovely! I have not been on one but i know a big emphasis is on food and eating…Why not bring pasta ,bread,even flour and let the cooks do it for you? I am sure they will be very accomadating. when igo to weddings or hotels i let them make up my pasta with a tomatoe sauce and some veggies…you just have to let them know…Over the years i have found going out for meals is getting easier… I will often ask for a plate of tomatoes in the most fancy restaurants! or i pick a few nice things from side dishes and get them to put together on a plate..

                    As a child i got embarrassed when my mother asked for this or that but i sooooo appreciate that she did!!

                    The kitchen will store her meds for you… why do they need to be cold? i keep mine in cupboard at home???

                        have a fantastic time !!

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