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hi everyone…rock and roll twins(our nickname for them) are now 24 and half weeks

   HEARTBROKEN…can't talk about it yet as too painfull but a fetal scan has revealed that twin 2(roll) not going to make it. A very rare disorder ( as if pku wasn't rare enough) where little one has developed cycts on his/her kidneys and cannot make urine and so due to effect on lungs and the severe lack of fluid around them means not compatible with life.

                                  Twin 1 (rock) is developing absolutely fine ,thank God.

           Both should go full term so at least i have this time with both of them.. Can't stop crying.

       Sorry for this bad news but i guess just wanted to tell you…told family but not even my best friends…wanna talk normally to them about joy of carrying twins not constantly talking about how devasting it is about little roll.

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