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Thank you everyone for the advice!  I spoke to a company on the phone today who is supposed to be contacting Marley's doctor to get a prescription for the Tenderfoot or Tenderlett lancets.  They said it would take 6-8 weeks though to get approval on insurance after getting the prescription from her doctor.  In the meantime, my husband and I made several phone calls and ended up getting referred to a website to order the exact same lancets we were looking for originally.  YAY!!   I hope they work well, but if not, hopefully in 6-8 weeks we will have the Tenderfoot lancets and it sounds like they are the best!

Do the fingers bleed alright for the blood tests or do you still have trouble getting enough blood?  When you say you use the pen, I assume you are referring to a lancet device like a diabetic uses??  Just trying to get information for the future.  

Thanks again everyone!


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