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I was a vegetarian before Molly (now 9) was diagnosed.  I remained one because of her diagnosis.  My son and husband both eat meat, but in our house the meat is more of the side dish and the veggies take center-stage.  Molly understands that I must get protein from a different source than her (tofu, beans, etc.) but enjoys that all but one thing on our plates is different (meat for the boys, protein source for me).  We try to provide a match for her for that protein source.  If the boys are having chicken, she is having a veggie finger.  If they are having steak, we are having portabellas.  If they have a hamburger, we have a veggie burger.  The whole family goes vegetarian two nights a week.  It forces me to try new ways to cook veggies and it is healthier for the whole family.  For some recipes, check out the website .

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