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Emsilly24 wrote…

nHi Erin!
.  And let me tell you, if I start to slip up with my diet I can definitely tell.  When my levels are high or I haven't been drinking my formula, I get lightheaded, headaches, fatigue, and have lots trouble focusing.  When my diet is good, I feel better all around- mind and body.




nHey, new poster here.

I just wanted to add that as someone who has gone off and on the formula for extended periods of time I can tell you I feel a huge difference. I believe I went several months without my formula, not a huge difference I thought. One week I decided to take it to see if there was any difference and… wow! I felt like a million bucks, and I wasn't so edgey. Before little things would set me off, I couldn't concentrate very hard on one thing at a time, and I felt scattered in my thoughts. After taking my formula and being consistent it seemed like those things went away.

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