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I have to say that I've also experienced the same things you all have mentioned. A mild depressive mood. I always referred to it as my brooding. Not overly depressed but just not really happy about anything, hard to find it. Also, I too get overly anxious about things that don't bother most people… like… standing in line at a grocery store for example. Also, my temper gets shorter. It's like the little things will set me off and bug me all day.

I've noticed though, that when I take my formula consistently I feel a lot better. I let the little things slide. The anxiousness is gone and I don't know why I was anxious to begin with. Also, I seem generally in a good mood all the time.

I always wondered why this was so years ago I researched it. Now I'm no doctor, but from what I understood, as a person with PKU your liver is not producing an enzyme called PAH (Phenylalanine Hydroxylase) which is meant to convert Phenylalanine into Tyrosine. Tyrosine is also used by the brain to regulate/control mood among other things. Which makes sense, high phe = lack of tyrosine = crappy mood, depressive, anxious…

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