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It seems that I have had a very wild ride with my PKU. It has never effected me since 1974 but 34 years later it got worse and started to interact with my Hypoglycemia. Now I am trying to figure out the balance between protein intake and carbs. Curretly, or I should say, monday my levels were 1600 and I expect them to be higher this comming monday. My problem is that if I have too many carbs, mostly sugar, I get EXTREMELY sick. Complex carbs are not much better but I can take it for a longer period of time. Now I know more about how PKU feels and what happens to me or my brain I should say, when my hypoglycemia and PKU interact. I have to get my levels down soon. I can't think very well right now but I have code to write for both work and my PKU Tool.

If you are intrested, you can email me at I am not the norm for sure. Don't know if  I would help or really mess with your expected results.

Eugene aka bad_code (

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