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Ok I am close to being able to get the beta version out. My PHE levels are really high right now so its hard for me to get motiveated let alone think. I am so close. I was kind of hoping that my PKU would stop effecting me just as fast as it started. Dosen't seem to be the case though. I need to get the last bit done so I can make better use of it. My diet is changing so much becasue we are trying to find out the balance between carbs and protein. It seems that my PKU and hypoglycemia are intreacting. Atleast that is the theory that the doctor, dietition and I have and it seems to hold true so far. Next week I drop to 45 grams but  I don't think my levels will drop. I am guessing right now I am near 1700 micromoles/liter or more. I just need to find enough drive for completing a few more items on the PKU Tool and it will be ready for beta testing.

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