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We are no longer in the military, but when our oldest Cyra was born we where, she is 6 now and has cpku, my husband got out when she was 3.  The military was great for us once we got some of the kinks worked out, we where air force and she was the 1st PKU patient any of the doctors at our base (Dyess in Abilene Texas) or at any nearby bases had seen.  We fought the system a little at first, but it turned out well, I would love to chat, we lived on base housing and at Dyess the housing was on base, once the base locked down and we werent on it, I had a friend of mine throw formula over the brick wall!!!  Let me tell you that was nerve wracking just think a base is locked down and you get caught tossing a can of powder….Phenex 1…..over the brick wall…..luckily nobody caught us but I learnt really quick to keep extra at a friends house!!

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