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What is your phe tolerance?  We do order some basics from the low protein food companies (Aproten Pasta, wheat starch, some cheese slices), but get a lot of our foods from various health food stores.  Trader Joe's  and Whole Foods have some low protein food options.  Trader Joe's has Morning Star Breakfast Strips, Marsala Veggie Burgers, gluten free waffles, a few frozen veggie mixes, pop chips, rice milk, brown rice cereal bars, French Twists and Joe Joe's sandwich cookies.  Whole foods carries some Gluten free products you might be able to have, Follow Your Heart Cheese, Coconut Yogurt and Rice Milk. 

Not sure where you are in NYC, but if you can make your way north – Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla (about 45 minutes north of the city) is having their Low Protein Sweet Swap this Wednesday starting at 3:30.  There will be a few vendors there that will have samples to give out and lots of food from families.  Drop me a line if you think you can make it and I will provide you with more information.

Take care,
Brenda mom to Molly 9 CPKU & Jack 7 non

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