Community Discussion Forum Generation PKU How do you deal with PKU in the US (especially NYC)? Reply To: How do you deal with PKU in the US (especially NYC)?

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 Hi Molly, thanks for your response. My phe tolerance is about 800 – 1000 mg phe a day. I don't know how you are sizing it, though. I would say it's a normal amount that's okay to live with. Actually the most important things for me are the basics such as pasta, bread and flour. I also know the low protein company Aproten :) Thanks for the info about Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, I might check that out.

Unfortunately I'm living in Queens, too far away from Westchester and actually it's a bad time for me to go there tomorrow but I would be interested in it if they will do it again. So THANK you for all the informations :)

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