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Hi Andrew.  I'm sorry you are having such a hard time getting your formula.  We have struggled with insurance coverage, but luckily have received approval for this year.  It is such a relief, and I know the stress of not having coverage (although our clinic has been WONDERFUL!!!).   I wish no one had to go through that.  The formula I have extra of is actually the Phenyl-Free 1 (for babies under a year old), not the Phenyl-Free 2 that you use.  I'm sorry.  Plus, I should have specified that I would only feel comfortable shipping it in the United States.  I'm not sure how that would look trying to ship medically prescribed formula across the border…maybe not good.  (???)  

I certainly hope that you get coverage for your formula.  I was under the impression that in Canada you didn't have to worry about coverage.  I know there is talk of passing a law here to require insurance coverage but nothing is done yet to my knowledge.  I'm not sure how the laws work up in Canada, but I hope there is some way you can get your formula.  I wish I could help.


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