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sorry i did that on accident

well anyway his level was 26 when we went in when he was 5 days old…It is good you got a least a good week for him to establish nursing, so i hope you are able to keep up the nursing i would get as much as you can in the freezer, get a double breast pump and you might want to consider investing in one of the medela ones they are expensive but I think it was worth it for me…I would suggest after he is done nursing at each feeding pump for about 10 minutes to each side or the double breasted pumps are the best…this is really important in the next few weeks and really months because you are building up the supply that you need and what you will have the next few months and if you don't pump your body will not make the milk you want to have and it is soo hard to try to get yourself to pump more when he is older now is the best time for this…it is great he will get to nurse each time they had me alternating feedings and my son lost interest in the breast quickly, i think he was just too lazy and just got really frustrated when it was not a bottle and it was heartbreaking for me. I pray you will not have that problem…but i don't really think you should. As long as he is still latching on well and drawing you mild out I think you should be ok. You sound as though you have a really good outlook and are very optamistic and being diagnoses so soon I think you need a round of aplause because I know I did not take it that well…good luck with everything I know it will work you for you and your beautiful boy…I hope this helps some

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