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Thank you for your reply… made me realize that I am lucky to have established good breastfeeding with Ace before we found out about the PKU.  I am truly sorry that the joy of nursing was taken from you, I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do, nature is truly amazing.

Thank you for your advice about the pumping.  I do have the Madela double electric pump but I have been afraid to pump.  The community nurse told me that if I pump too much I will become engorged.  And I know that I have read that if woman exclusively pump they will eventually lose their milk.  I guess I have been hesitant because I don't know how much and how often to pump for sure and I don't want to mess things up?????

Sometimes after Ace has his ounce of Phenex he nurses for 12 minutes, sometimes only 2 or 3.  Should I pump after every feeding or just the really short ones?

Also, do you have any advice on giving a breastfed baby a pacifier?  We haven't given him one yet and he really only cries when he is hungry but I also think he really likes to suck and a pacifier would comfort him?  But now that he has to have a bottle I don't really want to add a third type of nipple into the mix.

Thank you so much for your reply…..I look forward to getting to know you!

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