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I am glad you have that pump it really is the best, I would say if he is nursing 12min on each side you don't need to pump but I would if he is not feeding 10min on each side, ot at least on the side he did not nurse on. I would not worry about engourgement with this situation I mean you may get engourged but then you can pump and freeze the milk, the milk is good for 3 months or longer in a chest freezer.

 I was praying to get engourged when my son was like 2 months old because I just couldn't produce enought because i wasn't pumping like i should have in the beginning…I know it it really hard to pump sometimes when you are so tired… But given my experience if pumping and nursing is really important to you i would try as hard as you can…in the end if you can't try not to be upset and feel bad you gave him still an awesome start for as long as you were able to.

I agree if you pump exclusively you will not produce milk and you will dry defenetly let him nurse as much as he wants as often as you can and then pump after he is full…Honestly I did give my son the pacifier and I think if I went backn now I would have waited in my situation i would have rather he nursed or got all his sucking from me to encourage and create my supply…you could give him one but in the best interest of nursing because you already have to give him nipples for the bottles I might wait. I know my son did have nipple confusion and became lazy so I had to put even his breat milk in a bottle…best of luck… 

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