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Hi there, I am Jason and i have been on formula since i was only a few days old, I have been wondering this my self. I have'nt always had week or bad teeth, But when i was around 18 my teeth really became week and started to crack and chip, i used to always brush and i was wondering why all the sudden my teeth were acting up. when i turned 18 i was denied insurance and i could not afford to see a dentist. And well now all of my teeth are really decaded and chipped down to the gum line. And i need to have surgry to remove them and i still cant afford it. So From my personal experiance is Brush right after your formula. and visit a dentist as needed. Because tooth decay is one of the leading causes of hart diesiese.

And on another note: If theres any one who may know of any type of program or health board of any kind that can help me with my teeth, Please send me a message to my inbox. Thanx Jason

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