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Unfortunately there's not a great answer to this. The upside is that produce is low in protein &  there are so many great options for the diet as far as fruits and veggies. Apples to Zucchini is an excellent cookbook…full of low protein recipes that mainly produce based & can be adapted for higher protein diets easily. Cook for Love also has some wonderful recipes. But it's true that standard nutrition rules aren't generally the first concern when it comes to the low protein diet. It's been something I've struggled with–having to choose between eating what is typically considered healthy (ie–whole grains, balanced diet) and eating what is best for me in terms of phe. Cambrooke is a great option for ready made stuff. You probably can't avoid the  baking mixes & wheat starch etc, but if you like to cook you can probably find ways to adapt recipes to make them healthier. It's a little cheaper too, just way more time consuming. At least those foods are an option. When I was a kid, I got candy whenever I ran out of phe for the day! My mom even has saved an article posted in a local newspaper in the early 80s about PKU kids who were on a junk food diet. We've come a long way…

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