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I think it is the story everywhere, We dont get our levels back for at LEAST 2-3 weeks. Sometimes to my mischevious bennefit but I know they have to go to the college and they do the lab work there or in Chicago and then have to send it back to Peoria. My clinic is two hours away from where I am and the kids by me only get one thursday every month to go or else we have to drive 3.5 hours up to chicago. It it sucky but I am deeply in depth about the outcoming ;accu-check for pkuers. My boyfriend is a diabetic and I know all about his shots and what not. I had offen wanted an accucheck for myself to check what normal foods did to my system so instead of just looking up how much phe, I could see how they really changed my levels. I think it would have a big affect on pkuers but my stupid doctor doesn't have hope for it. (like he would know, he doesn't even HAVE pku! ! )

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