Community Discussion Forum Generation PKU has anyone herd of the new blood testing device? Reply To: has anyone herd of the new blood testing device?

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I am SO SO SO SO SO excited to get this new device! !! I have been wanting and asking for something like it for YEARS !! ! I have a boyfriend who is diabetic so I see what is needed and how it is done. When I talked to my doctor last time I was at the clinic he just scoffed and said he didn't see how it would bennefit the pku community. I was so MAD. How dare he say something like that when he is not even PKU! !! (not that I like this doctor anyway) I can't wait to see how foods affect my levels, how long it takes, which foods do what. . etc. I am really excited. I am sure it will have to come a long way like the Accu Check but I am proud to be the first generation! 

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