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Thank you for posting! Thank you for the advice to enjoy my little guy….I am trying my best to do so. It sounds like all mothers seem to have that mourning period and I did as well. I still find myself feeling that way sometimes, but as this forum as taught me, everyday gets a little easier.

My clinic has told me that as long as I am willing we can just do breastmilk and formula and wait to introduce foods until 6months. She said that when you start the food he has to have to food and he has to have formula so the breastmilk is usually the first thing to go. I am hoping he has room for breastmilk after six months though. Any thoughts on adding the food?

We have been doing five minutes of breastfeeding, then the formula, and then as much breastfeeding as he wants. The thought is that he works harder for the breastmilk so we do that first. I have also been pumping for five minutes after the first morning feeding just to keep up the supply. But like you said I don’t really think I need to do that….my body seems to make what it needs. He really seems to be doing great!

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