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Hey I know your son is a few months now but congrats!  I went through the same thing you did.  My daughter Abigail is 19 months now and is as haealthy as can be.  She has mild PKU and I found out the same way with a phon call when she was 5 day's old.  I was able to nurse her for 6 months and had to stop because she was not getting enough food.  My nursing and the Phenex 1 was not enough so I had to start her on Similac and because they can not masure the PHE in breast milk I had to stop.  I cried for two day's strait cause I just loved nurtsing her and I wanted to do so till she was at least a year.  Now my challenges are trying to feed her anything she can eat. Not only is she a picky toddler but she has a limited menu so it is extremely frustrating.  However I thank GOD everyday for my daughter and I know it will get better. I would not change her for the world!  She is the most amazing person ever to step into my life:-)


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