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 I am an adult with PKU generally this year my phe levels have been on the higher side due to many stresses in my life. I have started the softball season and the training sessions are tough yet alone the game, my phe levels have been higher because of my activity levels. I am currently on 60g a day of the vitaflo coolers. At the moment I am feeling like I am on a roller coaster ride just wanting to get off at this point. My lowest phe level this year has been 500 micromoles and the highest has been over 1000 which was shortly after my father died just before christmas.

I always have my formula never go without it. I am trying to keep my level consistant and would like to get them under 600 if possible. 700 is ok as I can function ok with this level. Brenda I really love you cookforlove website.

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