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 ellow every1 im lynsey im 23 yrz old and i have PKU when i was little i use 2 b so gud on the low protine diet and then when i stated secondry school thats where everything went down hill 4 me i felt so shy and embarriest about ppl whatching me eat differant things 2 them at luntch time n sometimes 1 or 2 ppl wud say sumthing 2 me and it did hurt abit so i came off the diet and have been 4 bout 12-13 yrz now and i do reggret it coming off the diet cuz now i want 2 start a family is realy harder then wot i thourght and me and my partner has been2gether 4 8 yrz. {sorry about spelling i not a gud speller at all lol} 

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