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hi im lynsey im 23 yrz old

i konw exacly what u mean cuz i havent been off the pku diet 4 13 yrz properly it is very hard 4 me cuz i have got so use 2 eating anything i want you name it ive had it and now that i have been wiv my partner 4 8 yrz we wnt 2 strt a family ASAP im trying 2 strt the diet as quick and stricked as it should be im just waiting 2 hear frm the hospital 2 talk 2 them about this ASAP plus after i have had a little baby im wanting 2 stay on the diet as best as i can .

last yr i did strt the pku diet properly and everything was going so well i got 2 the stage that my dr was just about 2 say we can strt trying 4 a baby and i rang the pharmacy up 2 see if they had my pk cooler in ready 4 me which i order 3 weeks b4 this happend and they sed no its not in yet i wos so upset and hurt that i gave up so now i get my pk cooler dilivered 2 my door every month i have no worries now so hopfuly everything gose very well and my baby is healthy thats all that matters 2 me and my partner.

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