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hi nicole

yes i found myself getting very depressed and very bad mood swings plus i felt like my inteligents was slowly slipping away the mood swings can be so bad that i take them out on my partner after i always feel so upset for getting mad at him 4 no reason also i get very emotional sum times wiv the slightis thing i hate being like this i seem 2 become a nasty person i hate it this is the reason y i want 2 start the diet properly i just want a good quite life wiv my partner and have a baby wiv him i must admit i am very scared because incase anything gose wrong but i guess i cant think that way and try 2 thing positive i am trying so hard 2 2 stick 2 the diet but its like my family say 2 me if i want a baby so badly i CAN DO IT! and i no i can .

I think the hardest part of trying to start the diet again is the very begining because ppl like my and urself wiv classical pku feel like its unfare and like we r missing out out on alot of things but once you have started the diet and been on the diet 4 about a month or two you can just saile throw it like uv never been off it.

i find it more easyer 2 control the diet when iv been on it 4 a while i just hope that i dont get teppted 2 eat anything i shouldnt wen i get pregnant .

did you ever get any cravings wen you were pregnant and did you ever get cravings 4 food you cant eat ?

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