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Loops wrote…

nHi there,
Im Louise and this is the first time I have posted on this forum.

I started the PKU diet – meds  at birth and stayed on until the age of about 16, Then I went off the rails – and ate normally  – had no meds.
At 20 I became pregnant and went straight onto the diet. Everything was fine – by son is healthy – and I found it very easy.  However after his birth – I lapsed straight back into a normal diet. Then – I went onto KUVAN for three years.. It worked well…. and have just stopped taking it.

Now I want to go back onto the diet like when I was pregnant / a teenager. I want my concentration back as I am about to begin a PGCE. I know it is going to be really hard… I dont eat a lot of meat … but Its the silly things like milk and bread – that I have become used to. I also have a thing about seafood — whoops.

So – I am wondering – is there anyone else out there who has already – or is planning to go back on the diet? I will probably be on around 12 – 15 g of protiend a day. I have forgotten everything… it would be good to chat with someone in the same situation.

ta lou xx

I have been off and one since i was about twelve and have been trying to get back on the diet but there is no support here for me. My body is already feeling the effects of being off of it as i have been off of it for a lot longer. the longest in my 15 year streach has been 6 months. My protien intake though is or could be around the 30 plus range. That is with the milk/formula that we are to have. So i know exactly what you are going through as i am there myself.

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