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Hi – the next event is on 27 June and is at Duxford air museum – I can't remember the  time but I will look it up for you.  This is not specifically for under 5s but there is usually a good turn out.  I am planning the next under 5s event for around september . we also always have a christmas party, I think it will be in Harlow in Es*** again this year. 

I can't post my email or phone number on this forum, but if we become friends on here then I think we can then exchange personal information, and I can forward you all the emails for the group.  The group has a central email address which I will give you and then we will add you to the database to let you know about all the forthcoming events.

And I have just noticed that your son is only about two weeks old so it must all still be a big shock for you and your husband.  It is totally normal to still feel confused and scared, and I'm sure your husband will start to feel better about everything too soon.  I think I was just in floods of tears for the first week but it did get better!  Also remember you have just had a baby which is a massive thing in itself so you will be feeling a bit emotional about that as well!  Please let me know if you ever want to talk or have any specific questions. 

I will try and make you my friend on this site now so we can exchange contact details..


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