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Hiya Guys…

First of all…..

Lynsey – i do understand about your mood swings etc with your partner because i do the same! when am not doing so well on my diet and levels are high i culd just turn on my partner ave a big row then i would sit upstairs and wonder what the hell was that all about  Its almost as if it was rage or summit,, feel very aggitated at times along with moodiness and anxiety, headaches, sore body.  Although your wanting to have a baby, this is summit that you and your partner can work on.  Let him help with controlling your diet, get him involved.  what i did when i planned my second baby, i put a scan photo on my fridge of my first baby to remind me everytime i went into the fridge to eat summit that wouldnt affect my chance to have another baby.. It did work!!!!

About the weight issue….. I am little over weight myself, i think due to all the high sugar drinks that i drink, but sticking to a low protein diet shouldnt make you overweight…the totally opposite i think to be honest..

Uncleteef  – i know exactly what you mean about being on PKU diet and having loads of energy, i am the same!!!

I hope you both get on track with this low protein diet because its for our own health x

Nic x

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