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ellow ppl

yer you are so right there nicole the thing is that i dont have any children of my own yet this would be my first baby when everything is ok .

i am hoping so much that things dont go wrong but how can i get my partner in volved because if i talk about us n wanting a baby he says to me he cant talk about it cus its hurting him to much to dont want to talk about it i can understand when  he says that because its hurting me too infact i feel like crying because its hurting us both.

me and my partner love each other so much that he knows when iv get what he calls baby fever lol

pluse i no when he gets it too.

i no i can do it cause im starting it pku diet straight away when my pescription is ready to by picked up frm the phamacy i cant waite cus im GUNNA DO IT I CAN DO IT im so determin to do it for a baby!!!

dose any 1 no how to add ppl to there friends list plz let me know thank you.

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