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Hey guys its me again. I am pretty ticked right about now because i jus found out i wasnt going to get disability. I have pushed myself all my life to be normal and just to fit in with the crow but I now know i cant.

I seriously cannot work like i should be able to with the tremors and the stress causing problems. The stupid state tries my mental capabilities and looks at a bad knee and a pinched nerve. They dont try to put me under stress or anything like that or even in a crowded room where it might actually show them something. I am acutally sitting here angry very very angry and it is hard to make me this mad and when i do get this mad i need to hit things which is probably one of the reasons my right hand always hurts. That and the tremors that are in that hand.

I mean seriously what can a doctor see with out checkign the nervous system in my body when obviously that is what is wrong with me.

Sorry just need to vent a bit. Also sorry about the two different types of typing not used to this yet.

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