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 Hi everyone, 

I would really appreciate some help in a similar topic. 

I have a 6 month old girl an d it has been almost 3 weeks that I have started giving her solid food. It is REALLY frustrating. She doesn;t seem to like eating with a spoon at all! I have started with a cream, adding corn flour at her formula and then fruits (apple, peer). No luck. She plays a little, but when she's really hungry, she wants her formula in a bottle. After so much time I thought she would get ud\\sed to it, but it seems that for her food is only her formula.  I woll add tommorow veggies, but I don;t think it will make a difference.

She is currently in a diet of 16-17 spoons of regular milk and 10 of formula, her phe levels are consistently at 1 mg/dl. She's growing up fine, but the thing with the food is taking us a little back. Normally I wouldn/t wonder (who doesn/t eat at the end) but I can not help worrying a lot. 

Any suggestions? 

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