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There are soooo many good recipes for lo-pro yummies on the internet! I just tried these last year at camp (and have been recommending them to everyone!) cheetos! Cook lo-pro pasta, let it dry and then fry it and season with Cambrooke Shake 'n' Cheese, taco seasoning mix, or get creative! At camp we were coming up with all sorts of different things you could put on these chips. They're awesome! 

Ordering out is hard… especially if you're tired of baked potatoes and salads. ^_^ Have you ever tried vegetable sushi? I think it's pretty awesome. I've even ordered the California rolls and taken the crab out!

A lot of places that have capuccinos also have smoothies. Maybe you can order a smoothie without any dairy products…. I've been to TCBY's that'll do that! Hope this helps!

Have a great week!

Millie, 18, CPKU

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