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Can I ask you do you take any medicine for your hayfever? I do and have noticed without it  I feel better in myself not just the fact that it has got rid of my hayfever symptons but because I used to have headaches, find it hard to think clearly and felt depressed. Once my symptons had gone, my high phe level symptons had also gone away. I know that pku can affect your thinking and cause headaches. Theres nothing else would explain having these symptons.

It will now be interesting to see what my next blood test will be on hayfever medicine in comparison to my last one without the medicine. I think there is definately evidence to suggest that hayfever does cause a rise in phe levels and will decrease only with hayfever medicine. A comparison has to made before you can determine whether hayfever really does affect your phe levels.

I look forward to hearing more stories on this……..

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