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Take a deep breath and don't over stress about it. I have classic PKU and have not once ever blamed my parents for it, I realize that no one has control or knowledge of the genes they carry. So don't blame yourself for it. It's going to be tough at first but with time it will get so easy you will not even really have to think about it. I'm 16 now and have a happy healthy life and many friends and I don't view my PKU as a burden or a curse because it has given me so many life skills like self control, organization, and belief in myself that I can do anything that it is honestly more of a positive for me than anything. I am just going to be blunt and say if you have another child and it has PKU, DO NOT TERMINATE, you never know what kind of amazing child you could have in the future, just don't give up and know that after the first year it will be exponentially easier for you.

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