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my 6month old was also diagnosed around 11 days as well, i felt the exact same way that u do but i promise it gets better when u realize its not so bad:) yes there are tons he wont be able to have but it will be ok because u will come to the realization that this is just how it has to be:) my son is perfect, Maverick is his name and he is already trying to crawl:) just listin to your nutritionist, she/he will become one of ur best friends, also there are lots he can have just not tons at one time, there is tons of low protien foods like pastas, cookies, cake mixes, even meat subsitutes that you eill be able to make him. I know it seems easier said than donr right now but i really had to just tell myself that at least i had a healthy son(its just my job to keep him this way) and hes breathing and alive with no other health problems, because even tho right now you couldnt imagine anything worse, there is! Good luck and congrats!!!! i will keep u in my thoughts. 

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