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 This is awesome! It's something I have thought about doing for quite some time now… But I am just now learning about programming and still quite a rookie. I did put together a nice Excel sheet that got used for awhile but sort of faded out. Most folks prefer a nice user friendly GUI and my sheet could get a little tricky if you were not familiar with Excel. I also started to make a little Microsoft Access project utilizing the USDA database but I do not know VB and pretty much just gave up :-( 

Anyway I had to join this board when I saw this just to give you an Adda Boy!!!

I downloaded your tool and will start tinkering with it very soon.

This is something I would not mind being a part of.

I probably won't be a lot of help to you in the programming Dept. but who knows…

Have you ever considered creating an open source version under GNU? I don't know if there are a lot of Linux fans in the PKU world but it could be a convenient way to get input from people? How cool would it be to have this tool in the Ubuntu Software Center?? 

You can Email me if you want, or I may check back here…in any case, keep up the good work! :-)

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