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I don't know if you could call me an athlete, but I am a pretty dedicated mountain-biker and backpacker. A big thing to me when I ride or hike is that once I've gone for a while, I work up an apetite. It works well to carry some kind of snack in my camelbak (usually a Rice Krispie treat or a banana). Once I've got that and some water I feel waaaay energized. At the end, I'll drink some formula with ice to cool off. 

Another thing I would highly  recommend with pretty much any physical activity is to make sure you're good on Vitamin D and Calcium. People with PKU are generally more suceptible to break bones, due to the lack of Vitamin D and Calcium in the foods they eat. I learned this the hard way… I've broken my right arm, both feet, and a toe in my pre-teen/ teenage years. Last month, though, I had a nasty mountain-bike wreck and landed on a big rock which broke my coccyx…. not good for a college student who has to sit to drive to school and sit in a four-hour Chemistry class…

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