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Lo-pro pasta is the best!!! Has anybody ever made baked ziti with lo-pro penne? It's amazing! If anybody wants a recipe for it to try, just let me know and I'll post it! 

gracie1605, Cambrooke also has little stuffed pizza roll things that are really good, but I'd have to say I agree with you about the dogs! Ummm… the chocolate chip cookie dough is awesome! The Shake'n'Cheese is really helpful in making mac n cheese or lo-pro cheetos (fried pasta). The Tweekz are amazing. One of my favs… they're like a substitute for chicken nuggets….. speaking of which, has anybody ever happened upon a low-pro recipe for chicken nuggets using rusk and potatoes and carrots? My mom used to make those when I was little and they were wonderful! 

If you ever do get about thirty minutes to cook, I've come up with a pretty good recipe for lo-pro enchiladas. (I'll post that one too, if anybody wants it).. I like to experiment!

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