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I am just reading this and the original post is from like 4 years ago…but if there is a vegan rice cheese that comes in a few different kinds like mozzarella, cheddar, jack and it tates really good…i made my son mac and cheese the other day and he loved it and i would have to say it is pretty good. You can find it at many health food stores i bed a trader joes, I get them at guidos or a small health food store near me and i am so excited to have found the sodelicious coconut milk yogurt and is also really low in phe…i got this info from the cookforlove web page where she shows whats in her everyday pantry…and she also given the phe content check it out if you do not know of these products. you can go to the yogurt web page and there is a store locator. there is pic of the cheeses on the web page i forget the brand name 

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