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Loops wrote…

nThank you for all of the replies guys – it is all really interesting stuff.

I was back on diet until 2 weeks ago – thne I went on holiday and it went out of the window. I did not take the Lophlex with me – and starting eating rubbish again.

Now if I tell you honestly how I feel =

 bearingin in mind I have had the food poisoning! – ( seafood!!!! – serves me right))

But what I think is PKU related:

I ache EVERYWHERE… even my eyes – its like I have been kicked in both eye sockets.

My head is cloudy and I cannot concentrate on anything for too long.

Ive had a headache ( dull – but there) for the last 5 days

I have not left the house, or got dressed for about 5 days – dont wanna speak to anyone.

I keep shouting at my son and my partner

I keep crying and thinking stupid things like people  I know are going to die / the house buring down etc

I have no appetite

My hands are shaking

My eyesight is that of a very drunk person!?

and I am sure it is all related to my high PHE….

 I am off to have my first Lophlex iin a while…. I will be back on in a couple of days to tel you how I am feeling.


and i look like death warmed up.

What you discussed about not wanting to do anything or talk to anyone is how i feel most of the time and i have a hard time trying to stay on diet after being off of it for quite a long time. it has to be pushing 15+ years. I have no idea why i canot stay on it i guess i would have to say i just dont like to take the time to make it. Yeah i know it doesnt take long but having to make it everyday gets so boring and having to remember to make it all the time makes it worse. I have a hard enough time just wanting to get out of bed let alone make the formula/milk we have to drink.

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