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hey Beckyboo!!

Congratulations on your impending mommyhood and good luck!

So you are being a little too strict with yourself and your levels are too low?… hmm well that is the best way for it to be lol! most people have the opposite problem so you are doing well. As you probably know – when your levels are too low you may start to use your own muscle mass – and then your levels will spike – so its not ideal. Perhaps you simply need to increase your regular Phe intake by 1-2g…. do you have a dietitian who you can contact?

I have a 5 year old son – well he is almost 6 now… he is absolutley fine, happy healthy little boy who is doing very well at school. I got pregnant whilst off diet ( waaaaay off diet) – but I found out I was PG at less than 4 weeks… went straight onto the diet and had a perfect outcome. 

I  went 2 weeks overdue… had a beautiful natural birth and he was 7lb4oz.

The worst part of it all was my terrible morning sickness – and btw why the hell do they call it morning sickness?… mine was every bloody second of the day sickness… which made it very difficult to get my phe-suplement down. I was on Maximum… and even the thought of it would make me hurl.

I used the smell of ginger, crystalised ginger, flat ginger beer ( none alcoholic obv :-) ) – and it did help … most of the time.

would love to chat with you about PKU pregnancy !! xxx Good luck with the baby dancing!! xxx

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