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loops- I know my levels are probably insanely high no doubt as i have been off and on the diet for some time now. I try a lot to go back on but I dont have any one that will motivate me enough or even care enough to keep me on my diet. I have no problem drinking the formula/milk when it is made i just hate to take the time to make it. I guess really i would like to be more active when it comes to my life like i was back in school but everyone i know doesnt want to do the things i do which bums me out and i just end up doing nothing.

As for the social thing i try to be social but i guess i get a bit to nervous about what people think about when it comes to me. I would like for once to not have to force myself to do anything and just be able to do it.

As for seeing my doctors and knowing my levels I dont have any health insurance so i cant really afford to go see my doctors for my PKU which is terrible when i know i need to see them to know what is up so i can get better.

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