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hi every1

     im lily n im 23 years old n i have classic pku i realy struggle wiv my pku diet alot n iv tryed so many tems to strt bak on it again but im findin it vry diffecult , iv been off the diet 4 15 yrs now n i have noticest little things thats changed in me so i feel i desperatly need help because i have vry vry high blood levels my hair n eyes have changed colour my hair was a mousey brown n my eyeswere a greeny brown n now my hair is blondy to a dirty blonde n my eyes are bluey green no brown i am quite frightened about things iv noticest n im just wounderin if en1 elst has felt the same

plz message me bak id love to hear ur comments n ideas on wot mite help n i cud tryn i will get bak in touch wiv u .

thank u

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